Trauma, Sex and Relationship Therapist in North Andover, MA

Some of the topics covered:

For Professionals: 

Trainings, Consultations and AASECT Supervison 

  • Open verses more directed IFS informed focused tray
  • Finding exile parts
  • Unburdening exiles
  • Legacy unburdening
  • Working with a dissociated part
  • Explore the use of Direct Access

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Sandtray training for therapists is available as a webinar

OCSB Training/Consultation available: 

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​Consultation for Therapists

 Peg is now offering consultation to therapists.  She evokes conversation about each client's concerns and will ask you about what you are currently doing, explore how that it is beneficial and give a new you new ideas or perspectives.  Peg is well versed in many psychological models including Internal Family Systems (IFS), Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Clinical Hypnosis, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and Sandtray.  

Peg can help you with treating clients with many issues including sexuality, such as sexual functioning or dysfunction, LGBTQIA+, "Sex addiction", sexual abuse, sexuality over the lifespan, sexuality and disability and many other topics.    Peg now provides AASECT supervision to individuals who are licensed mental health professionals interested in becoming AASECT Certified Sex Therapists.  


  • Focusing on a target part
  • Asking concerned parts to step back
  • Working with protectors​
  • Working with parts of protectors
  • Working with parts of parts

Supervisee Testimonials

What clients are saying about doing Sand Tray work in their therapy:

"I value the work I do in the Sand Tray. I notice the unburdening in the work and also in my body." 

"Sandtray is a direct path to my healing. It gives my exiles the voice they have needed to heal." 

" After less than an hour working with Peg in the sand tray, I felt light, free and a sense of peace. The anger I was carrying with me earlier dissipated, along with the sadness that I had discovered. I felt a lightness and calm washing over me. I don't fully understand everything that happened in the sand tray, all I know is that it is changing my life for the better."

"Working in the sand tray has been absolutely incredible... It’s a fresh and unique approach to therapy. Peg’s carefully chosen questions provide guidance- a path to follow, one that leads you to safely challenge the parts of yourself with purpose and surprising clarity." 


 What Therapists are saying about this Training:

"I have had the opportunity to witness Peg's IFS-informed Sandtray work and it is brilliant, fascinating & Powerful"  
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Bruce Hersey, LCSW​

“Peg guides and supports the IFS work in the Sand Tray to support the Self to part connection for healing.  Experience her insights and experience in helping clients access and express themselves within this modality with complex layers of protectors, managers and firefighters.  Peg is enthusiastic, creative, energetic in her approach to Sand Tray and facilitates client’s unblending and unburdening.”       Andrea Hartnett, LICSW

Peg is an enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable clinician. Her creative approach to Sandtray provides powerful strategies to layer on top of the IFS model. I am excited to begin incorporating her innovative ideas in my work with clients.  Kim Bolling, PsyD


​AASECT Supervision 

Please contact Peg to discuss how she can help you through the AASECT Certification process.


“Peg is a one of a kind supervisor that not only helps with structuring sessions, but also challenges me to push myself outside of my comfort zone with new, deliberate interventions that have added a deeper layer to my work with especially tough cases. I come away with pages of notes and now need to buy a new notebook!”  Jessica 

  "I look forward to our meetings because she always has something to add that broadens my perspective on not just sex related topics but on topics that would be beneficial to any therapist.  I enjoy how she evokes conversation with each client concern that I bring up and asks what I have tried rather than giving me answers straight out.  I am excited that she has background in different aspects that I use as well, such as Sand Tray!  It makes me happy to know that I can incorporate what I am learning into my sessions and that she does not give me the rigid therapist feel; her fluidity and upbeat attitude is pleasurable."  LaTina

"As my therapeutic population consists mainly of clients dealing  with sexual abuse and other PTSD issues in various forms, I was concerned about finding a supervisor who would be able to guide me in handling such cases. From the early onset of my supervision sessions with Peg, I have gained a vast amount of usable applicable guidance and knowledge. Currently seeking EMDR certification as well, I appreciate how Peg integrates my EMDR training into my sex supervision. When I found out she is certified in EMDR, she was obviously the best fit for me! I leave sessions more confident with how to proceed in very complex cases. Her supervision is truly appreciated!"  Monique ​​

Deepening IFS using Sandtray  

                                                     Unblending and parts of parts with miniatures

                                       Use of Sandtray and Miniatures to explore, expand, and heal the internal System