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 Trauma, Sex and Relationship Therapist in North Andover, MA



“Find yourself in a field of your own dreams and allow the discoveries to just happen and you will find Self respect, inner wisdom and connection.” - Peg Hurley Dawson

Self Respect 

In traveling life’s journey it is not about changing who we are at our essence or judging how we got to where we are, but to learn and accept ourselves so that we may move forward with insight, intention and compassion. My work with you will be aimed at understanding what has brought you to your current situation, what parts of you have helped and what parts may have hindered your journey. We will then set intentions, with loving kindness put aside parts no longer helping you and then move forwards guided by your inner wisdom.

“With determination, persistence and reflection, you too, like those who have struggled before, can overcome challenges.”

                                                                        -Peg Hurley Dawson