“Find yourself in a field of your own dreams and allow the discoveries to just happen and you will find Self respect, inner wisdom and connection.” - Peg Hurley Dawson

Self Respect 

In traveling life’s journey it is not about changing who we are at our essence or judging how we got to where we are, but to learn and accept ourselves so that we may move forward with insight, intention and compassion. My work with you will be aimed at understanding what has brought you to your current situation, what parts of you have helped and what parts may have hindered your journey. We will then set intentions, with loving kindness put aside parts no longer helping you and then move forwards guided by your inner wisdom.

“With determination, persistence and reflection, you too, like those who have struggled before, can overcome challenges.”

                                                                        -Peg Hurley Dawson

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     Trauma, Sex and Relationship Therapist in North Andover, MA


​"I expected to go into today's session with Peg and complain about how angry I was at myself, my spouse, my children, my job, you name it. Instead of ranting about the current state of my life, I ended up in the sand tray, exploring old, buried feelings of deep sadness, traced back to my infancy. I was carrying these feelings with me from long ago, completely unknown to me. After less than an hour working with Peg in the sand try, I felt light, free and a sense of peace. The anger I was carrying with me earlier dissipated, along with the sadness that I had discovered. I felt similar to how I feel after completing an intense workout, a release of pent up energy and a lightness and calm washing over me. I don't fully understand everything that happened in the sand tray, all I know is that it is changing my life for the better." L.O 


“Working in the sand tray has been absolutely incredible, even in the short amount of time we’ve spent together. It’s a fresh and unique approach to therapy, and it has never once failed to leave an impression on me. Personally, I’ve found that being able to visually and physically engage with metaphoric representations of what’s going on in your mind brings an entirely new dimension to learning and understanding yourself. The mind can become so convoluted and entrenched in it’s own memories and processes, it can be difficult to break through the “noise” and dig deep on it’s own. But in the sand tray, Peg’s carefully chosen questions provide guidance- a path to follow, one that leads you to safely challenge the parts of yourself with purpose and surprising clarity. And with Peg’s endless (and growing) collection of representative items, a limitless combination of thoughts, feelings, and situations is possible. I now look forward to therapy, and leave each sand tray session with a new, deeply profound insight into my memories. I feel more in touch with myself than ever before, and knowing that we have the sand tray as a tool in our arsenal is not only reassuring, but exciting and motivating- I know that as soon as we sit down at the sand tray, anything is possible.” J.M.